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Soul Center Mission

Soul Center is a unique and intentional community space to gather and collaborate with like minded individuals through art, education, nutrition, healing, and spiritual practices. This community supports a local, cruelty free, healthy and sustainable living. 

The Market at Soul Center offers an opportunity to shop for products from over 40 local small businesses.  Additionally, creative spaces in the center are available to rent for community events and offerings.

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Meet The Soul Center Fam

Kari Wagner

Founder/Community Organizer/Owner

My name is Kari Wagner. I graduated from VCU with my Bachelors in Social Work in 2009. Both before and after graduation I worked a series of positions within organizations to assist in the well being of woman, children and families who found themselves in very difficult situations. Some were houseless and looking for shelter, some were refugees who had to flee everything familiar to them and some were just babies who were placed in group homes away from their families. These experiences truly humbled me and also made me realize that these situations could truly happen to anyone of us throughout our life’s journey. Sometimes the only difference between my clients and myself was the support that I had around me.

It was these experiences that lead me to open Soul Center 5 years ago. Soul Center started as a grass roots project to bring the community together. To share, to educate, support and to heal. Over the last 5 years Soul Center has grown and shaped itself into what it is today with the support of our community

Nicholas Rodriguez

Community Organizer/ Owner

On the forefront in the early days of Soul Center. Nick helped make Soul Center what it is today. He believed in its mission and helped lead it. This community means everything to him. “It’s an honor and a privilege to show up every day to serve”

An Arizona native. Nick grew up in Mesa, Az.  He is a loving partner and a proud father. Nick is here to serve and will always show up for his community.

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Javante & Betty Battle

Reiki Masters

“Betty & Javante Battle are both Reiki Master Teachers who together are the hands behind UniverSoul Healing. Betty has been practicing Reiki since 2018 and this year she has decided to add Angelic Healing into her practice. Javante has been practicing Reiki since 2017 and since then he’s studied under 3 different masters, learning the energetics of the body to bring forth the best possible healing for his clients and community.

Together they have 4 kids, they currently reside in Mesa Arizona and they continue to empower their community to live a conscious & intentional lifestyle through their sacred offerings. Follow them on Instagram to learn more! 

Contact Javante and Betty: 

@universoul.healing & @_bettybattle 



Jim Verghis


Jim Verghis has spent the last 35 years integrating the information, science and wisdom from thousands of hours of qualitative research and 5 profound teachers. In 2001 he founded Behavioral Iridology his system of personal assessment that uses your family history and patterns in your eyes, that turn out to be the blueprint of your life.

We play a part in creating the most difficult and challenging events in our lives; theensuing pain is largely the result of bodies being out of balance, unlearned lessonsand the stress that goes with it, especially in these off-the-charts crazy times.

Understanding what you are being called to look at in your life and your healingtakes a quantum leap forward when you can identify what it is, and learn how to work with it. Not just physically but emotionally and mentally as wellLet us show you how!

Jim has spoken and taught nationally and internationally since 2001 has authored 3 books, offers workshops, education, training and certification in this most unique work.

He has multiple classes on eyes and ancestors plus workshops from learning muscle testing to a relationship workshop for women. Jim is generally here 3-5pm afternoons during business hours. Come by for a free 5 min eye reading sometimeif you really looking for answers, the eyes dont lie.

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Tori Nelson

Event Coordinator

Tori has believed in Soul Center’s mission since day one! She’s been involved with Soul Center since early 2019 and collaborated with them on several events prior to their move. Tori enjoys being of service to others and feels most at home when assisting in bringing the community together. She recently supported Soul Center in creating the 2020 Spark Art Market in early November of 2020. Tori began studying film and working on film sets. Her passion for the digital arts led her to events where she found her love for event production. She now does both!
When not with friends or family, Tori spends time in nature to recharge and reconnect. In addition to working with Soul Center, Tori assists two intuitive business coaches and applies their practices into her daily life. 

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Combining Wellness, Art, and Education in a welcoming environment​

Participate in Community Events 

Soul Center embraces healthy lifestyles and provides resources from local practitioners and products to help lead you on your wellness journey. Previous discussions and workshops have included how toxins can affect your health, energy work, herbs & teas to incorporate into your healthy diet, essential oils, small cooking demos, and proper nutrition with plant-based diets.

Book Community Space 

We welcome teachers and practitioners to share their education by offering classes, workshops, or hosting healing circles and ceremony at Soul Center. Our space can also accommodate solo practitioners with a private space for 1 on 1 sessions or events up to 50+ people.

Buy Cruelty Free Local Products at The Market

The Market at Soul Center offers a variety of local, cruelty free, and handmade products to incorporate into your everyday life. You can find altar pieces such as crystals and smudge to apparel, jewelry and beauty products. Whether you are shopping for a gift or for yourself- you are guaranteed to find something unique.

Come support over 40 small business’s that are home to the Market at Soul Center. 

Visit The Market at Soul Center

130 W MAIN ST. MESA, AZ 85201

***Current Hours***
Wednesday and Thursday 12pm – 5pm
Friday and Saturday 11am – 7pm

To book a private shopping appointment please call

(602) 428-2282