Combining Wellness, Art, and Education
in a welcoming environment


Soul Center in Downtown Mesa is a space for Arizona creatives to feature and sell their paintings, photography, jewelry and other art pieces. With a market, and three unique rooms within the center, creators can vend or host art shows to share their art. Through the collaborative space that Soul Center has to offer, performing flow arts, dancers, musicians and live art are a beautiful way for our community to share space. Check our events calendar for upcoming art shows and performances with your favorite and up-and-coming local creatives.



Soul Center’s mission is to empower and educate our community on healing modalities, nutrition, and health focused practices. We welcome teachers and mentors to use our space as a platform to share their knowledge through classes or 1 on 1 sessions with clients. Our education inspired events focus on healthy lifestyle discussions, therapy, herbalism, plant based nutrition, raw food preparation, sound healing, yoga, dance, women focused topics, children’s workshops, art, and social justice issue.

Practitioner/ Educational Partner Info

Soul Center frequently partners with like minded practitioners, teachers, and mentors to host different workshops, lectures, and classes. Our Downtown Mesa center offers affordable spaces for client consultations or appointments, and rooms with event equipment to host a larger group. Through these partnerships, we hope to provide a safe environment for teaching and learning.

Soul Center partners with healing artists, energy workers, community leaders, life coaches, consultants, nutritional coaches and authors, health practitioners, artists, chefs, and spiritual teachers for space rental and workshop offerings.

Soul Center requires valid certification, credentials and/or licenses from practitioner partners. References may also be requested.

Wellness Practice


Soul Center believes that each person utilizes different aspects of spiritual practices for healing and self-guidance. Our center is a safe container to support each other through different modalities, education, meditation and ceremony. Soul Center holds space for community to come together and heal. 

To see our current workshops, visit our events page.

Soul Center also offers spaces for spiritual teachers to hold gatherings or to facilitate sessions with clients to help grow their own practice. 

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